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Pascal Giehl Co-Founder und Software Engineer

Our recipe for first-class software development

It's Friday, cold and gray outside. A classic winter day in the city. Nevertheless, we start the day full of energy, because we have a video shoot coming up. The doorbell rings punctually at 7:00 a.m. and Hannes is at the door. With his impressive camera, he will accompany Pascal through the office all day.

Why a video?

What's the saying? Pictures say more than words. So without further ado, we combined moving pictures with words. The concept is called video and enjoys great popularity.

All joking aside. Why did we shoot a video? The answer is quite simple. We want to make our team and our work more accessible to potential customers and applicants. Therefore, it was important for us to appear authentic in the video. That means humorous, competent and technically skilled (or even nerdy). We also want the video to convey what it's like to work with us. Because we put great emphasis on quality, efficiency, transparency and open and honest communication.

The "The Office" atmosphere is meant to express our humorous side. The interruptions by the developers and the somewhat annoyed Pascal after the third interruption are meant to underline this mood. And at the same time convey the technical competence of our team.

Video Weissabgleich Julian
Video Weissabgleich Julian
Video Szene Linus
Video Szene Linus

Despite some technical difficulties, the end result is a great product. The cooperation with devedis was, as always, extremely pleasant and pragmatic. It was a pleasure to accompany and execute this project from conception to completion.

Hannes Thurnherr, Video-Produzent, LYGHT

You want a video like this too? Here are our tips

The learning curve during the preparation and especially on the shooting day was steep. Of course we don't want to deprive you of these experiences if you want to shoot a video soon.

  • Hire a professional like Hannes. This reduces your effort and you can look forward to a high-quality result.

  • Think about which target group you want to reach in which context, and consistently align the video accordingly. Only then can you use the medium as an effective tool.

  • Choose your shooting day wisely and plan enough time. Be aware of external factors such as construction sites and other sources of noise. Otherwise you will be surprised by a construction site right in front of your office or shooting location 🙈.

  • Prepare well, because the shooting will take a lot of time.

  • Take many video shots of the same scene. You'll be glad to have a wide selection later.

  • Track the performance of your video once it's online. After all, you want to know if and how it resonates with your target audience.

If you've read this far and haven't seen the video yet, now's the time. Because we are at the end of this article. We hope you enjoy our video and if you need help with any of your projects, we're happy to help you personally.

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