Digitization of the canteen

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Pascal Giehl Co-Founder und Software Engineer

The Corona crisis made it necessary to act quickly. In cooperation with SV Group, INNOArchitects and devedis, the innovative food delivery service Emil@Home was created in record speed. From the initial idea to the first order in the web app took just 38 days.

SV Group, the largest operator of employee restaurants and canteens in Switzerland, had set itself the goal of providing its customers with a healthy catering offer despite Corona. However, this is not so easy, because unlike a laptop, you cannot easily take the staff restaurant or canteen home with you. That's why new ideas were needed.

Home Office Kantine Mockup
Home Office Kantine Mockup
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Emilyathome Mockup

A modern web app for the home office

Since the demand resulted from the current situation with Corona / COVID-19, quick action was required. SV Group wanted to be in the market with its new business model as quickly as possible to evaluate the potential and build the customer base.

Therefore, the first step was to sharpen the customer's ideas and perceptions through a BoostCamp together with the innovation architects. Further, the understanding of the end customer, the framework of a food service company and the logistics for food delivery were built to concretize the business case.

Once the goal and requirements were comprehensible and tangible, the technical concept was created to best achieve them. It was decided to create the web app as a Progressive Web App (PWA) with Angular and Firebase. Thanks to these technologies, the first prototype could be delivered and test customers invited after a very short time. The resulting customer feedback now flows continuously into the further development of the web app and the customer base is growing steadily.

On the one hand, the web app enables the customer's employees to conveniently order their meals from their office chair to their home office. On the other hand, the application helps to keep track of the orders and processes by means of an admin interface. This way, customers receive fresh food delivered directly to their fridge every week and SV Group keeps its processes under control, thanks to a digital business model and individual software.

Our contribution

  • Rapid prototyping to test and establish the idea in the market quickly
  • Easy scalability thanks to the Google Cloud
  • Web App as PWA (Progressive Web App) with the possibility to port it to iOS and Android


What SV Group says about the partnership

Thanks to the extremely straightforward and fast cooperation with devedis, we were able to launch a functioning prototype within a very short time.
Daniel Schwaab, Project Manager, SV Group

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