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Pascal giehl avatar transparent
Pascal Giehl Co-Founder und Software Engineer
A young man with a beard stands in front of a window and looks into his cell phone.
A young man with a beard stands in front of a window and looks into his cell phone.

With over one million users per day, the Blick News & Sport app is one of the most used apps in Switzerland. Through the app, readers receive the latest news from around the world all day, every day, directly to their smartphone. The user not only reads the articles, but is present as they happen, with pictures, videos, podcasts, or via livestream. In addition, they can share their impressions with the entire community and the editors via comments and stay informed via push messages.

The Blick News & Sport app thus offers users many ways to consume and participate in the content in their own way. However, such a variety of features also costs quite a bit of power, which can lead to performance problems, especially on older smartphones. That's why Ringier decided to redevelop the mobile app from scratch with a stronger focus on performance. The redesign will ensure that Blick continues to offer readers the best possible user experience in the future.

App development consulting

To ensure that the new mobile app would be able to provide all the desired features in the future, Ringier sought further expertise on the choice of technology and architecture. Therefore, devedis was asked to develop a concept to set up the new app in the best possible way for all future challenges.

For this purpose, devedis weighed different technologies and frameworks in relation to Ringier's goals, the existing know-how of the internal developer team, possible risks, and other factors to enable an optimal choice. In order to check the feasibility, performance and complexity of implementing certain features, a simple prototype was created as a proof of concept as part of the analysis. This made it possible to give an accurate recommendation for action.

The concept as well as the prototype offered Ringier an optimal overview of the status quo as well as its challenges. It additionally offers a list of viable decisions as well as an analysis and comparison of the resulting scenarios. This provides Ringier with the optimal foundation for making solid and well thought-out decisions that will greatly strengthen the position of the media company, especially in the long term.

Our contribution

  • Modern and future-proof app strategy for Blick App
  • Evaluation of suitable technologies and architectures


What Blick says about the partnership

Fabian Kruse

devedis supported us in the development of a new app strategy and the evaluation of a suitable technology and architecture for the Blick App. The collaboration was very pleasant and uncomplicated from the beginning. I am very satisfied with the results and can clearly recommend devedis as a professional partner.

Fabian Kruse, Head of IT, Blick

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