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Pascal Giehl Co-Founder und Software Engineer

Today's asset universe is becoming increasingly volatile and intransparent. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly difficult for professional decision makers, such as asset managers and wealth managers, to make optimized and profitable decisions.

This is where comes in. They have made it their mission to turn over every stone in the investment jungle so that their clients don't miss a thing. And they share the insights they gain in daily videos and articles to help their clients lose less and gain more.

However, since the platform launched in 2011 did not meet's needs anymore and even the smallest changes entailed a lot of effort and thus costs, the service provider had decided to develop a new portal for its customers.

Invest Mockup Person
Invest Mockup Person

Development of the portal as a PWA

The selection process of the software developer was approached with the same caution and precision with which usually tests investments. After evaluating several partners, the choice finally fell on devedis. One of the decisive reasons was the state-of-the-art setup, such as the technologies, frameworks or CMS used.

The platform was developed in an agile way, so that any errors could be identified immediately and new wishes and ideas from the customer could be integrated without any problems. This also meant that was always able to see the development status and progress. After six months, the platform was completed and smoothly published in the Google Cloud.

Currently, the portal is being further expanded. The iterative and agile development allows to be on the market quickly with new features and then receive valuable feedback from customers as quickly as possible. This means that the further development of the media platform is always in the best interests of's customers.

Invest Mobile Mockups
Invest Mobile Mockups

Furthermore, loading times between individual pages have been eliminated as far as possible - thanks to PWA and intelligent caching. In this process, the content of the next pages is preloaded and then immediately displayed as soon as the user clicks. This improves the user experience, as the usual waiting times are almost completely eliminated.

Craft CMS provides optimal support for's processes because, unlike conventional systems, it flexibly adapts to the content. And since the content is available in a structured way via an API (headless), it can also be used by a wide variety of channels without any problems. For example, in the future, selected articles could also be offered and consumed on other platforms if desired. Therefore, remains flexible in the further development of its media platform.

Our contribution

  • Modern platform for paid content in a subscription model
  • Easy scalability thanks to the Google Cloud
  • Installable PWA with push notifications, offline capability and automatic updates in the background
  • Improved user experience thanks to intelligent precaching, where content is available immediately after the click without delay


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