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Pension calculator and pension fund comparison for Allvisa

Simon bieri portrait 2023 01 30 102312 mpia
Simon bieri portrait 2023 01 30 102312 mpia
Simon Bieri UX-Designer und Product Owner
Allvisa Titelbild
Allvisa Titelbild

Allvisa AG is a renowned and independent consulting and service company specialising in pension planning and insurance services. With foresight, Allvisa AG has launched various projects to offer digital solutions in the area of pension planning and insurance services to third-party companies and their employees. We support Allvisa AG in several of these projects at once.

Allvisa Pension Calculator

The Allvisa Pension Calculator is an online application that allows employees of reputable third-party companies to calculate their own pension and insurance benefits under various conditions such as retirement age. The application also offers the possibility to simulate the effects of additional payments into or out of the pension capital and to view the adjusted benefits.

When starting the application, a regulation must first be selected. This defines the basic parameters and contributions required by law. In the menu, the user can then choose between different calculations. There are calculations for existing benefits, for contributions, for the simulation of a purchase of pension capital, for the simulation of an early withdrawal and for the simulation of a new entry into the pension scheme.

The benefits and contributions are each visualised in diagrams and can be downloaded by the user as a PDF.

The pension calculator is based on a generalised code base, which makes it possible to implement the calculator for different clients.

Pension fund comparison

The pension fund comparison is an application that makes it possible to compare statutory benefits with voluntary additional benefits from pension institutions and to display them graphically. Based on an older application, the frontend was completely redesigned, resulting in drastic improvements in terms of UX/UI. In addition, the technology in the backend was fundamentally renewed without having to rework the calculations. The old framework (Java EE) was replaced with Spring Boot, which significantly increased maintainability.

User Interface of the Pension Fund Comparison

Technologies used

Both applications were developed in Java or Kotlin with Spring Boot Framework and Angular with a TypeScript frontend.

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