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Our expertise

As a web agency, we develop individual, innovative software solutions with the aim of fully exploiting the potential of start-ups, SMEs and large companies. In doing so, our specialized software developers work closely with our clients to understand their individual needs in order to code software that is specifically tailored to their requirements.

Our goal is to deliver high-quality and reliable solutions that help your business grow and succeed.

Our recipe for first-class software development

In this video, we show you what sets us apart and why our customers are so enthusiastic about us - from conception to operation.

Therefore devedis

There are many reasons why our customers are enthusiastic. Click through a small selection.

Advanced technologies

It is our deepest conviction that we always have our fingers on the pulse of technology, and we pass this advantage on to our customers.

High standards for every line of code

For us, a clean and high-quality code base is a matter of the heart. As complex as necessary, as simple as possible.

Focus on technical debt

We keep technical debt as low as possible so that a high pace of development can also be achieved in the future.

Passionate team

IT is deeply rooted in our company DNA and our team members are bursting with expertise. Our customers benefit fully from this in-depth know-how.

Sophisticated processes

Through targeted specialisation, efficient processes, modern technologies and a dedicated team, we bring out the best for our customers.

Reliable partner

We live in a dynamic world. That's why we actively support our customers in the further development of the software, so that they are also in the best possible position in the future.

Our Customers

What our customers say

We give everything to ensure that our customers are successful. And they can feel it. That's why we let our customers do the talking for us at this point.

Christian Räber

[...] With devedis, we found a company that fits perfectly with our high quality standards. From the very beginning, we were convinced by devedis' pragmatism and target and solution orientation. devedis realized the first version of the mobile app for us in an extremely short time, which delighted us. We particularly appreciate the fact that all devedis employees are always very actively involved in thinking and designing. [...] This saves costs and has a liberating effect, as we can focus on the essentials. [...]

Christian Räber, Former CTO and Co-Founder, Carvolution

Pawel Kowalski

As a fast-growing company, we were looking for a web agency that could optimally support us in the expansion of our web applications and mobile apps. [...] Fortunately, we contacted devedis, because we were enthusiastic about the whole cooperation from the very beginning. [...]

Pawel Kowalski, CTO, mila

Alessandro Marani

With devedis we have found an interpersonal and technically ideal partner who tackles solutions with us efficiently and reliably. [...] Thanks to devedis, the go-live date as well as the budget could be met and the solution is in flawless operation until today. A big thank you for this and I am looking forward to further projects with you!

Alessandro Marani, Head of IT Projects & Application Services, Bucherer

About us

We are convinced that individual software development should not be frustrating and inefficient nowadays. On the opposite, efficient software development is fun, because new opportunities get unlocked and old limits get exceeded.

To make this possible for our customers, we are very selective in selecting our team members and the resulting combination of our skills.

We're hiring

At devedis software development is fun! And since our entire team consists of passionate software engineers, we know exactly what matters. We offer a great working atmosphere, interesting technologies and projects, a strong team, modern workplaces close to the train station in Bern and much more.

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