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App revolutionizes window renovation: simplified measurement, optimized user experience, seamless data synchronization.
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Quadraligna Projekt Mockup
Quadraligna Projekt Mockup
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Quadra Ligna

Quadra Ligna is an expert in renovating windows in architecturally valuable buildings. They renovate and glaze the original old building window, bringing them back to life. To do so, they rely on a combination of manual work and state-of-the-art technologies, such as the use of a robot to precisely cut out the window glass.

Window renovation with precision for historic buildings

An important prerequisite for precise work is the exact measurement of the windows. That is why Quadra Ligna employees measure every window on site, down to the smallest detail. Previously, this required two people, but thanks to the innovative mobile app, this can now be done by one person.

Focus on user-friendliness

The app was originally developed as a university project and is now being optimized and further developed by us. In the process, we have placed particular emphasis on user-friendliness and redesigned the user interface. In addition, we have added useful functions such as validations, automatic calculations and the automatic saving of input values. This has made the daily work of Quadra Ligna employees easier and saved a lot of time in recurring activities.

Quadraligna app mockup
Quadraligna app mockup

Availability of data

The availability of data in structured form is also of great importance for Quadra Ligna. The window measurement data is needed for offers, glass orders, renovations and the robot. Therefore, it is stored in the Google Cloud. Via the app, the data can be downloaded in the desired file format, which helps to improve the accuracy of the data and reduces manual processes.

Our contribution

  • Redesign of the user interface
  • Optimization of the user experience
  • Development of new functionalities based on Flutter
  • Bidirectional data synchronization with the Google Cloud

What Quadra Ligna says about the collaboration

The proactive thinking of the devedis team was a pleasure to work with.
Jochen Ganz, CEO, Quadra Ligna

Technologies used

The mobile app was developed using the Flutter framework and the Dart programming language. The app currently runs on Android and Windows operating systems. The data is stored securely in the Google Cloud.

Our services

Mobile App Development

As Swiss app specialists, we develop high-performance native iOS and Android apps. Our focus is on first-class code quality and an inspiring user experience. And thanks to Flutter, we realize this cost-efficiently.

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Support, maintenance and operation

We ensure the smooth operation and maintenance of the application.

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