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Unlock unimagined potential and new opportunities through a targeted and solid IT strategy. We are happy to show you how your company is prepared for the future through a reasonable IT architecture and technology choice.

The devedis team at a strategy meeting.
The devedis team at a strategy meeting.

Startups, SMEs and corporations trust our expertise


We advise companies on far-reaching and long-term IT decisions.

  • Consulting for technology selection
  • Consulting for architecture decisions
  • Support of internal development teams
  • Leading complex development projects as tech leads
  • Analysis of existing applications and evaluation of code quality

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Our recipe for first-class software development

This is what our customers say about our consulting services

We do everything we can to ensure that our customers are successful. And they notice that. That is why we would like to let them speak for us at this point.

Fabian Kruse

devedis supported us in the development of a new app strategy and the evaluation of a suitable technology and architecture for the Blick App. The collaboration was very pleasant and uncomplicated from the beginning. I am very satisfied with the results and can clearly recommend devedis as a professional partner.

Fabian Kruse, Head of IT, Blick

Tanner Markus

devedis supported us by providing technical analysis and assessment of various works, reports, and cost estimates from our software partner. The well-founded results helped us to make better decisions [...]. We are very satisfied with the results and can unreservedly recommend devedis as a technical partner.

Markus Tanner, Leiter Ressort Publikationen, SECO

Pawel Kowalski

The team is not only technically completely convincing and competent, but also thinks ahead in our sense. This not only saves us time and nerves, but also gives us even better results. Keep it up!

Pawel Kowalski, CTO, mila

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Do you need independent technical expertise for a project? We give you our initial assessment free of charge and without obligation.

Your advantages are our strengths

There are countless reasons that speak for individual software development. We are happy to advise you without obligation, whether this is the right way for your project.

High standards for every line of code

For us, a clean and high-quality code base is a matter of the heart. As complex as necessary, as simple as possible.

Individual like our customers

Complex problems require intelligent and customized solutions. Our software solutions are therefore precisely tailored to individual needs and integrate seamlessly into existing systems and processes.

Advanced technologies

It is our deepest conviction that we always have our fingers on the pulse of technology, and we pass this advantage on to our customers.

Cloud Native

We develop all systems to run in the cloud. This gives our customers the concentrated power of the cloud with all its modern possibilities.

Software from Switzerland

From Bern, we develop software that is used worldwide. So our customers are spread all over the place. And we are always happy to refute the prejudice that Bernese people are slow.

Reliable partner

We live in a dynamic world. That's why we actively support our customers in the further development of the software, so that they are also in the best possible position in the future.

Sophisticated processes

Through targeted specialisation, efficient processes, modern technologies and a dedicated team, we bring out the best for our customers.

Success with fun

With us, software development is fun, because our experienced developers give everything to make your projects a success.

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Pascal Arbeitsplatz Blick in Kamera2
Pascal Arbeitsplatz Blick in Kamera2

Pascal Giehl

Co-Founder and Software Engineer

031 552 05 55
Aarbergergasse 46, 3011 Bern