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We make software development fun! And since our entire team consists of passionate software engineers, we know exactly what matters. A great working atmosphere, interesting technologies and projects, a strong team, modern workplaces in close proximity to Bern train station and much more.

Andi Hohler at work on the computer
Andi Hohler at work on the computer

What makes us unique, in a nutshell

Watch our video to learn what makes us unique as a company. From our mission and the technologies we use to our efficient processes - and what you get out of it. The video is unfortunately only in German, but there are English subtitles.

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What our developers say 🎬

Get exciting insights into the lives of our developers at devedis! In our videos, they answer questions about work, everyday life or the team. Direct, uncut and without a script.

Urs Gerber

Software Engineer

Julian Schelker

Software Engineer

Kenneth Radunz

Software Engineer

Sämi Ackermann

Software Engineer

What we value

We learn a lot every day and are constantly developing. We all work together and know exactly which values are central to us.


We are convinced that poor software quality leads to higher costs for our customers and less joy and passion for us in the long run. That's why we set the quality bar high right from the start.

Authenticity and Honesty

We are as we are. Both internally and externally. And even if something doesn't work out, we stand by it and learn from it so that we can do it better next time. And that is exactly what our customers appreciate.

Engineering spirit

As full-blooded engineers, we have developed many of our processes and procedures from scratch, experimenting and testing extensively. Today, we are still constantly questioning and refining these processes to ensure that we don't stand still.

Carla Hofer sitting at her workplace in front of two monitors.
Carla Hofer sitting at her workplace in front of two monitors.

We promote modern working environments

From our own experience, we know what excites us as employees. And that's exactly what we offer the whole team. And if there's something missing, it's sure to turn up soon at the weekly.

Advanced technologies

New technologies and frameworks make the development process more efficient, easier to maintain and more fun to work with.

Exciting projects

We work with clients from a wide range of industries. Our projects are therefore just as diverse. From the mathematical pension calculator from Allvisa to the web platform and customer app from Carvolution.

Share in the Company

Get a comprehensive insight into an ambitious company and actively shape its future. In addition, you can participate in the company in the form of shares to benefit from our growth.

Home Office

Working on the digital world is possible from almost any location. That's why we equip our team to work independently at home as well.

Flexible working hours

Are you a morning or evening person? With us, you can organise your working hours yourself as far as possible.

Powerful team

Having a strong team in place means that work becomes more exciting and there is more opportunity for development among the team members. Therefore, the right choice of our team members is a personal commitment for us.

Modern culture

We are a powerful team, thanks to the people who stand behind it. That's why the culture is essential for us, not only to create an exciting and welcoming work environment, but also to thrive in it.

Professional development

We support our team in their personal and professional development so that we keep our finger on the pulse.

Optimized equipment

We value high-quality equipment. That's why we have powerful laptops paired with standing desks, docking stations and ultrawide monitors.

Intuitive tools

Modern tooling with fast and intuitive instruments simplifies life and makes planning more reliable. Along the way, it puts the joy back where it belongs: In the daily work routine.

We make our everyday life easier

As developers, we use numerous tools every day. Therefore, it is important that these tools make our work as easy and simple as possible.


We use Slack for communication within the team and with our customers.


Our code lives securely on Github and is deployed from there to the Google Cloud.

Google Cloud

Our code runs on the Google Cloud and Firebase. We also use other tools from Google such as Gmail or Drive.


Linear is our modern project management tool. Fast, simple and very supportive.


Runn is our resource planning tool that helps us keep track of all projects.


We document and share our knowledge in Slab - the wiki of our choice.

Samuel ackermann and linus schwab
Samuel ackermann and linus schwab

We work as a team

Our lean and well thought out framework enables efficient, smooth and interesting collaboration. To keep it that way, we are constantly developing our processes and structures together.

Scrum with a pinch of Holacracy

Holacracy and Scrum are among the most common working models. However, they have disadvantages. That's why we only use those approaches that have proven themselves in our company.


Marketing, design or the human resources are all organised in their own areas and receive individual resources. Each team member is free to participate in one area.


In the Weekly, we keep up to date, discuss projects and deal with challenges across the team.


Once a day, we briefly discuss the current state of things with each other. We concentrate on what our main focus is today and where we need support.


We develop in bi-weekly sprints. For this purpose, we estimate and plan the tasks within the project team at the beginning of each sprint.


Humans are not multitaskers at all. That's why we make sure that each developer only works on one or two projects in parallel. We discuss which projects are on the horizon and make decisions as a team.

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