Angular renaissance
Angular renaissance

Angular: A modern frontend framework for complex web applications

Angular is a front-end JavaScript framework for developing complex web applications. It provides a clear code structure and offers a variety of functions such as two-way data binding, routing, form processing and a modularised architecture.

Angular is based on TypeScript and is developed as an open source project by Google and a worldwide community. By using Angular, development can be accelerated and maintainability improved.

Core Features of Angular


The framework enables the development of reusable and independent UI components that can be easily integrated and maintained.

Two-way Data Binding

A close link between the model and the user interface that allows changes in the model to be automatically displayed in the user interface and vice versa.


The integrated routing system allows developers to manage multiple pages within a web application.

Forms processing

Angular provides an easy way to create and validate forms.


Angular offers comprehensive testing support, including unit tests and end-to-end tests.

Support for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

The framework enables the development of Progressive Web Apps that provide an app-like user experience on mobile devices and are offline-enabled.

And many more functions..

to develop modern applications.

Advantages and disadvantages of Angular

Our Conclusion

Angular offers a wide range of features and tools that make it easier for developers to create cutting-edge web applications, but it also comes with a steeper learning curve for newcomers.
Angular therefore proves to be a very advantageous choice depending on the requirements. For more information on Angular, visit their official website.

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Projects using Angular

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