Google Cloud
Google Cloud

Google Cloud: Modern and scalable cloud platform

The Google Cloud is a cloud computing platform developed by Google. It is one of the leading cloud platforms on the market and is used by companies of all sizes and in all industries. Google itself uses the cloud infrastructure to scale its most popular products such as YouTube, Google Search or Google Analytics easily, securely and reliably.

What features does the Google Cloud offer?

The Google Cloud offers a wide range of services and features to help businesses and organizations run their digital products around the world. Some of the most important services include:

Compute Engine

Cloud Engine is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution for enterprises to run and flexibly scale virtual machines in the cloud. Companies retain control over the infrastructure.

App Engine

App Engine is a complete Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution for enterprises, enabling them to run their applications in a scalable environment without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.

Cloud Run

Google Cloud Run is a serverless computing platform that enables developers to quickly and easily deploy and run container applications without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

Kubernetes Engine

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) is a managed environment for deploying, managing and scaling containerized applications based on Google infrastructure.

Cloud SQL

Cloud SQL is a fully managed service for relational databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is a managed service for storing and retrieving unstructured data on the Google Cloud Platform. The service combines performance and scalability with security and sharing features.


BigQuery is a data warehouse service that enables companies to analyze large amounts of data in the Google Cloud. With BigQuery, companies can quickly and easily analyze their data and gain valuable insights.

And many more functions..

to develop modern applications.

Pay as you go

The "pay as you go" model of the Google Cloud is a flexible billing model in which users only pay for the resources they actually use. This also allows resources to be scaled up or down at any time to respond to changing requirements.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Google Cloud

The Google Cloud offers a wide range of cloud-based services and solutions to help customers manage and run their applications and workloads in the cloud. However, there are advantages and disadvantages that customers should consider when making a decision.

Alternatives to the Google Cloud

Although the Google Cloud is undoubtedly a powerful product and gives Google a strong position in the highly competitive cloud market, there are numerous alternative cloud platforms that also offer a wide range of features and options.

AWS logo
AWS logo

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

A subsidiary of online retailer Amazon, AWS is the market leader in cloud infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure Logo
Microsoft Azure Logo

Microsoft Azure

Azure is another leading cloud platform from Microsoft.

Alibaba Cloud Logo
Alibaba Cloud Logo

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud is the largest cloud provider in China and is also gaining influence in the Western world.

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Our conclusion

In summary, the Google Cloud offers a comprehensive range of cloud-based services and solutions that optimally support us in managing and operating our customers' applications in the cloud. These include high-performance infrastructure, fast and scalable services, and a comprehensive range of analytics and AI tools that benefit our customers.

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